14 issues IDM should fixed in the next major version

Friday, August 14, 2009 Long Nguyễn Hoàng 0 Comments

Internet Download Manager
IDM v5.18 beta is released (Added support for Chinese, Japanese and other East Asian languages. Improved FLV grabber to save videos from web players on YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV, and other popular sites) but there're still many problem they should fix.

I'm an user of Internet Download Manager (IDM) and I love it. But I think this product is greater if Tonec Co. improves some current issues of IDM. Let see them right now, here we go.

- When we use "Advanced Browser Integration" feature (in the Options > General tab), IDM always asks for reboot. Is it necessary? Maybe restart the browser is enough.

- If the reboot is needed, I think we need more choices, which are "Reboot Now" or "Reboot later". And the Reboot confirm windows should not be on top of other windows because this causes many annoying for users if they can't reboot right this time (In this case, they can only press "stop reboot" button and this window is still on top of desktop).

- In the Options > File types tab, the chosen-button is always "Default" button. Many times we typed some new file types and then press Enter key by sheer force of habit, and of course those new file types were disappeared (because we indifferently press "Default" button, but not "Apply" and/or "OK" button).

- When we delete a file which is listed in a queue, if this file is downloaded complete, this is a normal action and should not be warned. If this file is not completed download, there will be a warning message with "Don't show this message again" option. But when we tick onto "Don't show this message again" option by mistake, this message will be disable in the future and we don't know how to call this message again (without edit my windows registry). So we think you should add a new feature in the Options of IDM, such as: "Messages and Dialogues management".

- The Options windows should have more two buttons which are "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons. If "Apply" button is pressed down, all changes will be saved without closing Options windows. If "Cancel" button is pressed, all changes will not be saved and the Options windows will be closed. Of course "OK" button will save changes and close Options windows. Many people change options and they don't remember what they changed, so I think those buttons are necessary.

- In the Scheduler window, there's only an "Apply" button, if we press "Apply" button or not, all changes will be still applied so this button is useless! IDM should better have "OK", "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons with suitable functions (which are listed as above term).

- We can't choose all files listed in queue window by simultaneously press Ctrl + A. And if someone wants to select many files, they need to press Control key while selecting files from the list of queue, in this case IDM should have more options such as "Use check boxes to select items".

- IDM can download all link from a website (Download all links with IDM), but the HTML links should be hidden by default (By checking "Hide HTML files").

- At the moment IDM can't import/export its settings, so I think it's very great if a new major version of IDM have this feature. Users could export their changes in IDM's options, queues,schedulers,...in order to save and import when they need.

- When Windows Explorer encounters a problem and need to restart, the icon of IDM in the system tray will be disappeared and there's no way to show it again although IDM is still running in background. You should fix this error.

- IDM supports many browser but sometimes we still can't download videos from Google Chrome (version 3.0 and even 2.0) because there's no download button on the screen. Google Chrome is a popular browser and IDM should work regularly with Chrome (Flash Get can't do that!).

- When we use Mozilla Firefox in private mode (Start private browsing), and can download videos just like a normal mode, but we can do the same thing with Internet Explorer because this addon is disable, so how to enable this addon?

- When IDM is downloading a file, if we click onto another link on Mozilla Firefox window, the Firefox window is frozen in few seconds (even ten seconds or more!), but this appears on Firefox only, we haven't never encountered this problem in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I think this issue should be fixed.

- IDM download windows have no glass effect (Aero) because if they have Aero effect, they couldn't go to tray. Can you fix this?

Thank a lot!

Nguyen Hoang Long

(A copy of these suggestions were also sent to Internet Download Manager Support Department and I hope they would fix those soon)