Wanna be a child one more time

Thursday, October 01, 2009 Long Nguyễn Hoàng 0 Comments

When you're a child, you spent everyday dreaming about becoming an adult. In my childhood, this is the biggest dream. I needed to become an adult, I wanted to have money, I wanted to stay up till dawn and not be forced to wake up at 6 AM, I wanted to be in the University. I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted to have many pupils. I wanted to wear suite and black leather shoes. I wanted to use hairgel. I wanted to get married, and I wanted to have children. That was my problem: I just wanted to be an adult.

So now, I am an adult. I have not accomplished some of those dreams, but I have accomplished most. I have money, too much money - compared to how much I had when I was a child. But I'm still broken. It's like the more I have, the more I need. I can wake up at 11 without any complain, but I'd rather not do so. I can go out at night and party till dawn. I have many clothes and I can wear everything I want. I can use hairgel, wear suite and black shoes (but now I don't want to). I'm not a teacher, but I still have many pupils. I was in my University and sometimes, I feel like dropping out. I'm not married yet, but I still want to be married, but not too soon of course cos wife and children are another things to worry about. I do not have children yet and I have no plan about them, but I'm already taking notes on how not-to raise my children. I'm in charge of my life. It doesn't feel so good being in charge of myself, but I need to be if I wanna be a man.

Now I want to go back to assembling in the school hall and reciting how and why children should be in school at 7 AM. Want to back to the poor canteen and buy some sweets cost 50 vnd (now these papers are no longer in use). I want to be force to go to bed at 9 PM and get up at 6 AM again, who cares but my mobile phone! I really want to be a child, just one more time.